Over 4000 installations globally and more than 40 years' experience


The heart of modern powertrains was and is the combustion engine. Starting at the drawing board each engine undergoes a thorough development cycle before series production can begin. Each engine placed in today's vehicles, no matter if used on road, water or air or used a power-provider for machinery need to fulfill modern standards in emissions and comply to expectations of end users in terms of purchasing cost, performance and cost of ownership.

This leads to a very specific population of test systems for the

  • Development
  • Emission Certification and
  • Production

of combustion engines.


Viewing the complete development cycle of a vehicle or machinery, development tools used before the prototype phase (e.g. simulation) and systems used for system integration (e.g: Vehicle testing) requires a consistency of data and information for the engineers throughout all those development environments – This is a core philosophy the testing tools for engines blend in.

AVL Approach

The unique combination of willingness to innovation and decades of experience in creating development and testing solutions leads to a system portfolio which will be always one step ahead of the state of the art. The AVL in-house partnership with Powertrain Engineering is a constant drive for further enhancing AVL's testing systems and integrated methodology know how.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Great breadth of experience resulting from more than 4000 test system installations
  • Consistency between AVL test systems via the integrated open development platform
  • Easy expansion of existing testbed applications e.g. hybridization upgrade
  • Uniform development environment from lab to rig to road
  • High precision of measurement and reproducible measurement results
  • Precise Steady State Testing up to high dynamic Test Profile Execution