4WD Powertrain Test System

Durability and performance development for 4WD Powertrain

The increasing complexity of modern powertrains is placing increasing demands on on the Instrumentation and Test Systems. Validating the powertrain in an early development phase requires test methods where as much system functions as possible can be tested without proving ground tests. Therefore it is mandatory
to test available components as soon as possible
to improve durability, functionality and performance. 
The Test System must be flexible to develop various
transmission types:

  • Manual Transmission (MT)
  • Automatic Transmissions (AT)
  • CVT-Transmission
  • Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT)
  • Double Clutch Transmissions (DCT)
  • Transmissions for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (HEV) 







The Challenge

The success of testing modern and complex powertrains is clearly determined by the "Road to Rig" approach. AVL's 4WD Powertrain Test System covers the requirements for durability and performance validation of modern powertrain and transmissions. Increased and enhanced rig testing is the way to reduce vehicle development times.

The AVL Solution

AVL's flexible Test System design enables also the development of a 2WD powertrain on the 4WD Powertrain Test System.

AVL's Test System involves two major modules:

  • The vehicle mass simulation is calculating the load to the powertrain based on the road load equation using aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance
  • The load dynamometers (AVL DynoTrain) do have an optimized inertia to ensure a proper vehicle mass simulation

The Added Value

  • Evaluation of specified strain limits of the transmission case and rotating parts
  • Evaluation of specified lifetime of gear teeth and bearings
  • Determination of lifetime of transmission clutch pack and brake lifetimes
  • Evaluation and optimization of the component dimensioning
  • Driving Performance and strategy
  • Upgrade to Maneuver Based Testing possible