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Improve your thermal efficiency

Thermal Lab™

AVL Thermal Management Test Systems are key to speed up your development

An efficient vehicle thermal management system guarantees passenger comfort, driving range and the safety and durability of all powertrain components; battery, e-motor, fuel cell, etc. For this reason, the thermal management system is an essential aspect of the development process. However, such an efficient system is also complex by nature and requires a great amount of testing and calibration time.

Controlling Temperature Through Technology

AVL’s Thermal Lab™ offers you the possibility to frontload thermal management testing from the road to the rig using a model-based Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) approach. It is the perfect tool to solve the target conflict of optimized passenger comfort. This includes battery lifetime and system costs versus the driving range in an early development phase. The significant reduction of vehicle tests in wind tunnels and test tracks speeds up the development, reduces costs and could potentially save one prototype generation.

Our testing methodology is based on highly dynamic conditioning systems and the entire thermal management system can be tested at the rig under real emulated driving and ambient conditions independent from vehicle prototypes and weather.

The units-under-test (UUT) is the entire vehicle thermal management system (VTMS), which includes the powertrain coolant circuits, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). This also includes the thermal management control units enabling you to test the performance of your thermal system. This is then optimized in different driving cycles, ensuring proper functionality of all the subsystems and pre-calibrating your actuators on the rig.

We offer three different types of thermal management test systems that focus on the different UUT’s:

  • AVL Coolant Circuit TS ™ Thermal
  • AVL HVAC TS ™ Thermal
  • AVL VTMS TS ™ Thermal