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The AVL FUELLOAD refueling system is designed for mobile use for refueling procedures of vehicles or tank systems in combination with SHED ORVR (Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery) test procedures within the range of evaporative emission testing. The system provides a safe fuel-handling procedure according to latest EPA certification standards.

AVL Approach

The AVL FUELLOAD refueling system constitutes a state-of-the-art test system by providing specific test solutions for a wide range and supporting certification and R&D testing. The specific material selection covers a wide range of fuels, such as gasoline, alcohol blended fuels, diesel and natural gas. Highly precise pump, pressure controller and flow sensor modules provide selectable flow rates and stabilize the fuelling procedure. The fuel cart provides an interface for remote control for SHED automation systems.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Refueling procedure (ORVR) testing and simulation
  • Industrialized and flexible system design
  • Substantially reduced expenses for installation and total cost of ownership
  • Improved flexibility, quality and reproducibility
  • Integrated AVL ‘look & feel' user interface (SHEDCon)
  • 200l fuel storage tank
  • Refueling rates up to 50 liter/min
  • Fuel conditioning up to 55°C
  • Supports alcohol fuels up to E85
  • Flexible nozzle interface
  • Supports actual legislation of EPA (§86.154-98), CARB, EU, Bejing 6

Market Requirements

Current trends concerning alternative fuels and new driving concepts (e.g. Hybrid) as well as upcoming stricter legislations (specifically in USA and China) result in increasing demands on the capacity and durability of the tank system, canister and ORVR system of a vehicle.

To meet these requirements adequate and flexible refueling test systems are essential.


The AVL FUELLOAD system is designed for various usages of fuel conditioning and delivery systems. A specific material selection covers a wide range of fluids, e.g. gasoline, alcohol blended fuels, diesel, and natural gas.

A specially designed high performance temperature conditioning unit (heating & cooling) guarantees extremely stable and reliable fuel temperatures. An internal valve matrix provides an inner circulation to guarantee constant fuelling temperatures, a fuel exchange interface, an external barrel connection and system purge functions.

AVL FUELLOAD offers a flexible nozzle adaption and an interface to customers set of nozzle types. A full set of nozzles are optionally available. The system supports active and passive volume compensation (European and US standards).

Highly precise pump, pressure controller and flow sensor module provide pre-selected flow rates and stabilize the fuelling procedure.

The fuel cart provides a digital interface for remote control and a SHED automation interface for combined testing, e.g. ORVR testing.

Technical Data



Typical usage

ORVR Testing of vehicles and tank systems; fuel conditioning

Operational concept

TQM Tokheim Quality Meter


Standard Gasoline, E85

Tank volume

200 l

Flow range

3 – 50 l/min

Temperature range

10 – 55 °C

System control

SPS Siemens S7 ; Beckhoff I/O


LAN/TCPIP; Analog-Interface (Option)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1980 x 1600 x 1100 mm


ca. 800 kg

Power supply

400/230 VAC, 32A, 50 Hz; 3 Ph (N) PE

Ambient conditions

10 – 35 °C; 25 % – 75 % rH

Compressed air specification

6bar (continuous base), oil- and water-free





The AVL Evaporative Emission System has been specifically designed and developed to perform automotive evaporative emission tests.

It also covers future requirements based on new fuel mixtures. A special material selection and an adequate system design will guarantee reliable test data. This includes standard audit and certification test cycles as well as specific customized R&D testing.

Operating together with the AVL Evaporative system solutions, it stands for a complete facility allowing the whole evaporative test procedure to be carried out, from canister conditioning and refueling to final emission data evaluation.

Automation interfaces (LAN) to facility management or SHED systems and database server compatibility show the great integration potential of AVL evaporative systems solutions.

The AVL FUELLOAD is designed to be capable of operating unattended on a continuous basis (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) with a fully automated data acquisition system, self-diagnostic functions and safety modules.

AVL FUELLOAD covers a wide range of applications for R&D tests or for certification purpose:

  • Component and R&D testing concerning tank and fuel delivery systems.
  • Alternative fuel vapor evaluation and testing, e.g. E5…E100.
  • Standard canister conditioning and testing, vapor recovery.
  • ORVR-testing an simulation.

The AVL equipment complies with all the latest regulations such as EPA, CARB, ECE and other regulations. Therefore, all the technical specifications of the European Commission Directives and of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are matched or even exceeded.

Available Types

The following types are available:

Standard FUELLOAD system including an internal net volume of 200 l

All mentioned variations of the AVL FUELLOAD can be configured for different categories. The distinction is based on the R&D level and customer specific requirements:

  • Alternative fuels up to E85
  • High fueling rates up to 50 l/min
  • Additional nozzle interface