AVL Particle Generator

AVL Particle Generator

The AVL Particle Generator (APG) is the solution for on-site quality checks of advanced particle measurement devices.

AVL Approach

The AVL Particle Generator (APG) is a stand-alone device that generates a highly stable and repeatable combustion aerosol.

The intelligent design of the AVL Particle Generator, with three sample outlets, permits smooth installation and versatile utilization in a variety of different applications:

  • On-site quality checks of particle counting devices:
    • PCRF (particle concentration reduction factor) check
    • Particle number counter linearity check
    • Particle number counter cut-off check
  • Relative comparison measurements between two different particle measurement devices, e.g. AVL MSS

Benefits at a Glance

  • Generation of pre-conditioned combustion aerosol
  • Wide range of applications due to integrated dilution stages providing scalable concentrations
  • Pre-defined operating points for straightforward on-site quality checks of particle counting devices and particle measurement devices
  • Utilization as stand-alone device
  • Integrated touch-screen for simplified operation
  • Low total cost of ownership

Technical Data

 Technical Details AVL Particle Generator
Output Combustion soot particles
Particle size range 10-100 nm
Concentration range Up to 1x107 particle/cm3
Dilution Ranges - Dilution rate burner: up to 4 (adjustable)
- Dilution rate stage 1: up to 20 (adjustable)
- Dilution rate stage 2: 4 (fixed)
- Dilution rate stage 3: 4 and higher (adjustable)
Sample Outlets - Burner out (undiluted)
- VPR out (after stage 2)
- Dilution bridge out (after stage 3)
Temperatures Up to 400 °C (1st dilution and evaporation tube)
Output flow Up to 15 l/min (thermally pretreated)
Fuel gas Propane (99.9%)
Dilution air Filtered compressed air (up to 40 l/min depending on the dilution, 1 bar gage pressure)
Quench gas and mixing gas Nitrogen (99.9%)
Flow control High precision mass flow controllers
Power supply 90…240 V AC, 50/60Hz, 450 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 550 x 320x 440 mm
Weight < 30 Kg
Touch-screen 5.7" 640x480


Measuring Principle

The AVL Particle Generator consists of three parts: the particle generating burner, the volatile particle remover (VPR) and the dilution bridge stage (DBS). The burner provides aerosols with well-defined particles generated by combustion of propane. The VPR thermally pre-treats and dilutes the generated particles to the desired concentrations. In the pre-treatment process, the particles are stabilized and volatile particles are reduced. A further dilution stage (DBS) with a dilution bridge decreases the concentration to very low levels.