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Smart Evaluation Solutions

AVL data processing and evaluation tools enable smart, quick and intuitive data analysis for effective and flexible objective & subjective ratings, verifications and validations of testing objects for multiple pre-processing, online or post-processing testing tasks.

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Next level data processing

AVL CONCERTO 5™ is the generic data processing platform for visualizing, analyzing and reporting many measured and simulated data types. Moreover, it is used for application packages that address specific tasks. Further, AVL CONCERTO 5™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITE™.
Based on ASAM-ODS standards, this server provides the infrastructure for consolidated storage and manufacturer-independent analysis of development data.

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Measurement data management

AVL SANTORIN MX 2™ is an intelligent, ASAM-ODS based data management solution for engineers in the area of product validation and verification that provides maximum protection against the unstoppable explosion of data - ready for "Big Data". Further, AVL SANTORIN MX 2™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITE™.
Individual AVL PUMA testbeds are ideally networked within a test facility. Parameters and results are stored centrally in an ASAM-ODS compliant database.

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Calibration Data Management

AVL CRETA 5™ is the calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units. Further, AVL CRETA 5™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.

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Driveability Engineering and Simulation

AVL-DRIVE 4™ - The tool for objective driveability assessment and development extends the capability of objective driveability evaluation from road to rig, to lab and to office. Ideal for defining the brand DNA, setting targets and monitoring the evolution of development within existing company processes up until final acceptance.
Fully integrated with AVL PUMA Open™ on the testbed and with AVL CONCERTO™ in the office, AVL MAGIC reduces data using sophisticated and powerful built-in functions such as signal processing, event evaluation and classification.
Fully integrated in PUMA Open AVL PODD™ complements the testbed online plausibility and quality checks with central management and easy operation. AVL PODD™ supports PUMA Open customers in producing high quality results in less time.