Streamline your Structure Dynamics Simulation



AVL EXCITE™ is a software for the simulation of rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics of powertrains. It is a specialized tool that calculates the dynamics, strength, vibration and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and conventional or electrified powertrains.

Strength and durability

  • How can I reduce the weight of my powertrain without exceeding the limits of component strength and durability?
  • Is it possible to start with simplified models (rigid MBD) and progress to detailed models (flexible MBD)?

Lubricated sliding contact analysis

  • Can I include all relevant physical properties of materials and lubricants to optimize the performance of bearings, pistons and piston rings?
  • Does the simulation include support for the investigation of wear or failure?
  • How to derive accurate friction data to support engine and powertrain efficiency enhancement?

Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)

  • How can I determine dominant noise sources and derive measures to improve the acoustic behaviour?
  • Can the interaction between sub-systems (engine, transmission, driveline) be taken into account?
  • How to calculate airborne noise to compare with measurements?

AVL Solution
AVL EXCITE™ is used by OEMs and tier 1s to improve product performance, reliability and safety.

The use of various model depth levels ensures an optimum balance between modeling, simulation effort and accuracy from concept via layout to the final design phase. This includes detailed elasto-hydrodynamic contact models for all slider and thrust bearings in the cranktrain and the piston/piston ring-liner contact.

AVL EXCITE™ allows a significant reduction in development time and costs to be achieved with the support of powertrain analysis specific workflows, automated model generation and result evaluation capabilities.

Seamless integration in the customer’s CAE environment is supported via 3rd party software interfaces and an API and user-definable template models, result reports and workflow descriptions enable to customize the usage of the software.

The Added Value

  • One simulation environment for all phases of the engine development process and for all structural dynamics related analysis tasks
  • Shaped by AVL's 60+ years of leadership in engine and powertrain engineering consultancy
  • Dedicated user support and guidance teams around the world with AVL engineers who are highly experienced in engine analysis