Visualize, Analyze, Present



AVL FIRE™ M Post-processing

The difference between real and virtual world vanishes when presenting results with the all new AVL FIRE M post-processor. IMPRESS M offers all features necessary to visualize, analyze and report simulation results. The user has the choice between interactive on-screen and template based offline operation.

The Challenge

Visualize, Analyze and Present

  • What possibilities do I have to display result data?
  • How can I compare results obtained for different cases?
  • Do I need to create each diagram, each picture individually when post-processing large design studies?

The AVL Solution

Using IMPRESS™ M simulation results can be visualized in different types of diagrams, in planar and surface cuts or as droplet clouds. Streamlines and particle tracing is available too. Field quantities may be shown in iso-line or iso-value view or if applicable in vector plots. Transient results can be displayed as a series of “moving” images.

For result analysis IMPRESS™ M offers user-defined scaling and different color bars. Results of multiple individual simulations and case studies can be arranged in the same viewer making it easy to compare them.

Presentation of results is supported by IMPRESS™ M through providing advanced features such as shading and blending or user defined object lighting and color assignment. Plots and animations can be created in different formats. Result data can be exported also as 3D PDF. Automated report generation based on user-defined templates is available, significantly simplifying and accelerating the post-processing of large design studies.

The Added Value

Compared to post-processing offers of other CFD software vendors IMPRESS™ M...

  • is fully embedded in the graphical user interface, the project and data management of FIRE™ M
  • offers creating amazingly nice result representations in the form of  plots and animations
  • supports fully automated result reporting based on user-defined templates for pages and page sets