Pneumatically operated actuator for real clutches on the testbed

Digital Clutch Actuator AVL DCA 1000

The DCA 1000 is a simple clutch actuator that operates the test rig clutch or a clutch for gear changes in a manual transmission.

AVL Approach

The DCA 1000 is an inexpensive solution for operating a clutch for endurance testing for manual transmissions or for real idle tests on the testbed. It is designed for the operation of clutch for manual transmission or for testbed clutches.
The actuator is powered by compressed air and controlled by digital signals from the AVL control system (EMCON/ISAC). The DCA 1000 is suitable for cable-operated and hydraulic-operated clutches as well as for real clutch pedals.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Suitable for operation of pedal, Bowden cable or hydraulic master cylinder
  • Open loop control with adjustable speed, different for opening and closing
  • Adjustable actuation range

Technical Data

Max. shift travel:

30 mm

Shift force:

max. 1000 N (push or pull)

Shift speed:

Adjustable via throttle valves

Power supply compressed air:

6 to 8 bar

Data interface:

Digital interface