AVL Cruise M Engine

OBD Calibration for Passenger Cars

On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) have been required in the US since 1990 to monitor the emission relevant systems in order to detect malfunctions, which increase the emissions, and indicating the malfunctions to the driver. This regulation was also implemented in Europe in 2000. Besides the legal requirements there are also manufacturer related requirements to the OBD system such as monitoring the system to avoid engine damage or support for engine service, troubleshooting and repair. Meanwhile nearly 50% of the ECU resources are used by OBD monitoring functions, leading to a corresponding high development effort for system verification and validation.

AVL Approach

AVL checks the existing diagnostic functionality, adjusts it as necessary, carries out the complete onboard diagnostic calibration and assists with vehicle certification and production start-up (end of line testing).
The application's robustness with respect to vehicle tolerances, fuel quality and ambient conditions is verified through vehicle tests at AVL and climatic test trips.
AVL's Smart Calibration™ services and product portfolio:


AVL has expertise in production calibration for all legal requirements worldwide and this includes:

  • Analysis of required OBD functions
  • Professional knowledge of relevant legislation
  • OBD function development and validation (HiL, Matlab, ASCET)
  • OBD I (electrical diagnosis)
  • OBD II/EOBD for all emission related systems and components
  • Scan tool communication
  • Creation of borderline catalyst
  • Fault path management


EOL (end-of-line)

  • Assessment of the end of line test
  • Specification of EOL
  • Calibration and Validation of EOL
  • Integration support at the EOL


Fleet Support

  • Planning and preparation of fleet vehicles
  • Support of real world fleet testing in different locations worldwide (e.g. Brazil, China, India, USA, …)
  • Automated data recording, evaluation and reporting
  • Fault analysis and recommendations


Certification support

  • Generating summary tables
  • Generating OBD descriptions
  • Execution of official OBD demonstration tests
  • Execution of Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE)

Customer Benefits

  • AVL can offer complete turnkey OBD calibration or support for individual OBD tasks
  • AVL can provide guidance within the framework of legal requirements and standards until and beyond start of production
  • AVL uses the Smart Calibration™ process to optimize the usage of development vehicles, ensure calibration robustness, perform an automated fleet analysis and validate the final data release by an in-house demo test