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Testbed control and monitoring system

AVL EMCON 6™ is the market-leading testbed monitoring control system for a variety of conventional and electrified propulsion systems.

A Forward-Thinking Testbed Control System
With complexity on the rise due to new and emerging technologies, the frontloading of tests has become invaluable. To increase overall efficiency even further, the multicore real-time platform EMCON 6 provides sustainable quality for your entire test field.

Tried and tested control algorithms enable the exact loading of the propulsion system according to the test requirements. Moreover, EMCON 6 allows you to perform durability tests under real-world driving conditions.

Product benefits include:

  • Consistent operation philosophy for engine, e-motor, powertrain and vehicle testbeds
  • Reliable, high performance controller with EtherCAT® interface to AVL Dynos at up to 10 kHz
  • Easy parametrization with PUMA Open 2 and test field server Host 5™
  • Smooth and scalable vehicle simulation integration with ISAC 6™
  • Flexible extension with Testbed.CONNECT 1™ applications