Load Units for E-Motor Testing

Get the optimum out of your E-Drive applications

Load systems for E-Drive Testing

Application areas for E-Drive Testing increased over the past years from analysis to determination of electrical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic characteristics. The wide AVL high performance dynamometer portfolio meets this demands with our E-Drive testing systems optimally.

AVL Approach

AVL's E-Drive Testing dynamometers as included in an AVL Electric Motor Testbed serve as the basis for a comprehensive development, testing, verification and validation environment for electric drives.
The modular approach permits the utilization of different dynamometer performance classes by keeping the mechanical elements largely identical. This reduces the number of testbed versions and increases adaptability.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Torque ripple measurements
  • Efficiency measurements and improvements
  • Performance measurements
  • Stall torque test, idling test
  • Stationary, transient and dynamic testing
  • NVH Testing
  • EMC Testing