Makes complexity easy


Calibration Software

AVL CAMEO 4 is a proud member of the AVL TEAM SUITE™. It is a powerful tool that gives you one solution to handle the complete calibration process ‒ from data collection to XCU maps. The software offers a complete solution for powertrain testing and optimization demanded by the newest legislations, including Real Driving Emissions (RDE).

Due to the latest developments in emissions, fuel consumption and testing under real driving conditions, vehicle systems now are more complex. This leads to higher development costs and effort. OEMs also face fresh challenges when it comes to providing a broader vehicle portfolio.

Working Together

Development tasks aren’t stand-alone. And it’s not just about how good single individuals or tools are, it’s about how well they work together. CAMEO 4 is supported in combination with AVL CONCERTO 5™. This enhances usability and allows for a faster parametrization and execution of tasks. CAMEO 4 offers a standardized concept to handle the data that is needed to deliver world-class engine calibration.

CAMEO 4 is highly effective in the test facility due to standardized tests for multiple use cases and users, be it testbed operators or engineers. It is set up to meet your individual needs, so you can be left to concentrate on new innovative ideas.

The Benefits of AVL CAMEO 4

  • Clear and easy-to-use work procedures
  • Time saved with automated functions that provide ready-to-use results
  • Better results in less time with online modeling and optimization
  • AVL MultiSync Technology enables easy handling of various software tools


AVL MultiSync Technology