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AVL FuelExact™ PLU

The AVL FuelExact™ PLU is a high precision fuel consumption measurement system with shortest measurement times focusing on transient applications.

AVL Solution

In the field of engine research and development the
AVL FuelExact™ covers the range from single-cylinder up to 2000 kW large-scale engines. Due to the high internal data rate of 20 Hz and the fast step response, the system is ideally suited for transient calibration methods.

Your Benefits

  • Optimal for use in transient fuel consumption measurement
  • Complies to measurement requirements for high flow rates
  • Increased data reliability due to extremely high temperature control accuracy
  • Web interface for fast integration into the automation system
  • FlexFuel variant enables development tasks using bio fuels

AVL FuelExact™ PLU Fuel Consumption Measurement System

Technical Details AVL FuelExactTM
Type:AVL 740
Measurement principle:PLU
Measurement ranges:

0.03 … 500 l/h*)
0.025 … 410 kg/h*)

Measurement uncertainty:
Volume / mass

≤ 0.1% (acc. to DIN 1319)
1 g/dm³
Interfaces / output signal:Ethernet, RS232
analog I/O 0 ... 10 V
digital I/O
Measurement frequency:20 Hz (max.) 
Response time:< 125 ms 
Fuel types:standard **) and 100% bio fuels 
Engine feed pressure:max. 1 MPa 
Control range:10 … 80° C 
Stability:better than 0.02° C
Heating / cooling:3 kW / 6 kW 
Power supply:3 phases 400 V AC, PE
Power consumption:3.5 kW (without heating) 
Ambient temperature:5 ... 50 °C 
Dimensions (W x H x D):960 x 1,710 x 430 mm

*)  With different sensors
**) With max. 20% alcohol and up to 10% bio diesel

PLU Measurement Principle

The PLU positive displacement meter combines a servo-controlled gear counter with a dynamic piston sensor. A gear meter (2) driven by a servo motor (7) with encoder (8) defines a geometric volume to pulse frequency ratio when gear rotation is adjusted to media flow. A bypass (5) ensures zero pressure difference (Δp=0) between inlet and outlet, preventing leakage flow. Flow changes immediately displace a zero-friction piston (4) in either direction. A piston position sensor (3) and a servo controller (9) provide a fast gear speed control loop keeping the piston centered.


AVL FuelExact PLU

Product Description

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