Function Development and Calibration

AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M introduce seamless control function development and calibration from MiL to SiL to HiL by using modularity with scalable model fidelity and an open integration concept.

Products & Services

AVL CRUISE™ M Engine package provide a real-time capable internal combustion engine model dedicated to the investigation of transient operating conditions offline for CAE applications and online integrated in the testing environment. It is running in the time domain using transient and steady-state 0D and quasi-dimensional component models alternatively with a Crank-angle-resolved or data driven surrogate cylinder module.
In hybrid concepts the most essential part is a controller which makes decisions about power management as well as taking care that components are used in an optimal operating range to lower energy consumption and extend component life. AVL CRUISE™ provides the proper modeling environment for this application with interface capability that allows seamless and consistent control function development and calibration.
The different detail and complexity level modeling environment offered by AVL CRUISE™ provides the capability to work with the transmission model with just the right level of fidelity throughout the entire function development and calibration process. Unlimited assembling capabilities allow for model reuse regardless of the transmission type, supporting the most innovative concepts before any HW prototype is available.
AVL CRUISE™ open integrative environment and AVL CRUISE™ M as multi-disciplinary modeling environment enables usage and structuring of different physical domain model to support the function development and calibration of various controllers which are essential part of the modern and future vehicle. Models can be plant and re-used in development of different controller (ECU, TCU, HEV, Aftertreatment, etc.) with a wide integration range to the main global control test platforms.

Visualization of functional behavior

Electronic Development Assistance

Electronic simulation and analysis for all branches

The AVL functional simulation approach helps to identify weak points, eliminate uncertainties and avoid over engineering by involving simulation expertise at earliest stages of development. Visualizing all electrical properties, using functional analyses via simulations, enables to optimize the functional behavior before the first sample build.