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General Pressure Measurement

AVL provides all necessary pressure sensors for monitoring the engine and measuring various parameters.

AVL Solution

AVL is a leading supplier of specialised sensors for high accuracy pressure measurement.
Depending on the application AVL provides different types of pressure transducers.

Your Benefits

  • Highly reproducible results due to excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range of up to -25°C ... 85°C
  • Real-time synchronization to PUMA Open
  • Special solution for the usage on engine pallets


Analog Pressure Transducer APT100

Mid-range analog transducer for pressure acquisition of liquid and gaseous media. The minimum range is 600 mbar (full accuracy) respectively 200mbar (reduced accuracy). 

Pressure Measurement Box

Digital measurement box for acquisition of 8 independent pressure signals. Typical applications are R&D, Emissions and Quality Assurance test beds preferably with pallet systems.

Pressure Measurement Snap-in

Snap-in Unit for acquisition of 12 independent pressure signals in the field of engine and powertrain testing. Suitable for pallet mounting.

CANopen Pressure Transducer C-FEM-P

High-end digital transducer for dynamic pressure measurement of liquid and gaseous media pressures. Real-time data acquisition and synchronization to PUMA Open automation system.

Installed base

With more than 10.000 pressure transducers in the field the C-FEM-P product line is AVL’s most common general pressure measurement technology.

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General | Februar 2014