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Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing

The rapidly growing complexity and interdisciplinary nature of powertrains and suspensions requires combined simulation and testbed solutions that ensure a consistent, inter-diversional development process.

AVL Solution

AVL InMotion is used to test real engines via virtual vehicle integration under simulated real-life conditions for maneuver- and event-based testing. This comprehensive solution is available for new test solutions as well as for hybrid upgrades for existing testbeds.

Your Benefits

  • Frontloading: Time and cost savings by transferring integration, optimization and validation tasks to earlier development phases
  • Consistent methodology and tool chain: Enables the re-usability of models, parameters, measuring data and calculation results over the entire development process
  • Open and scalable simulation solutions: To allow the flexible integration of customized models and tools

AVL InMotion Upgrade Packages

The upgrade packages exist for the following testbed configurations:

  • Engine
  • Powertrain: FWD, RWD, AWD

Upgrade packages for any other testbed type such as roller (chassis dyno), driveline/transmission, powerpack, battery or e-motor testbed are offered on request. The software is available for the vehicle types car, truck and bike.

The “Testbed Integration Package” (TIP) provides the interface between the virtual world of simulation and the real hardware (UUT) mounted on the testbed. The TIP has a number of outstanding features, in order to allow smooth and user-friendly operation.

AVL InMotion Embedded

The modules driver, movie, road and maneuver control of AVL InMotion have been fully integrated into PUMA OPEN. This software package is called “AVL InMotion Embedded”.

AVL InMotion Upgrade Package


Rugged industrial electronics based on standards (CompactPCI)
High Computer Performance (e.g. download 4000 floats/ms)
Modular and extendable (up to >1000 IO Channels)
Permanent, uninterrupted IO Communication
General purpose IO, FlexRay, EtherCat, GBit Ethernet


Precise and extendable 3D multibody systems vehicle model (truck, car, bike)
Flexible and customizable model environment (AVL CRUISE, Simulink/Dymola, …)
3D Road generator with markers, traffic signs, friction patches and obstacles
Driver: comprehensive driver model. Intelligent learning
Unlimited Traffic Objects. Sensor Models (Radar, Lidar, Ultrasonic)
Tire Model: Magic-Formula or TaMeTire (Michelin)
Maneuver Control: reconstruct the thoughest use cases with a few mouse clicks
Movie: 3D Interactive „Vehicle on Road“ Animation

Testbed Integration Package

Switch between real and virtual components (engine, powertrain) with just one mouse click
Smooth Interaction between virtual and real world

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General | Februar 2014