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Helmut List Halle

At the heart of Graz’s cultural scene, the Helmut List Halle is a shining testament to the power of collaboration between engineers and artists. Born out of an old, disused factory, it is a technological marvel that marries the flexibility of concert acoustics with the strictness of opera halls.

Realized by architect Markus Pernthaler, it has set a new standard for contemporary performance spaces.


Officially opened in 2002, the Helmut List Halle was born out of an intense collaboration between scientists, musicians, conductors and other specialists. And as such, it is a prime example of the successful interaction between art and science.

Whether it’s theatre performances, classical music, conferences or an electronic music festival, the unique, multi-function building can change its internal profile to provide the perfect sound environment. This merging of science and art makes the building a key cultural venue in Graz and a world-class venue for any kind of performance.

Please have a look at the Helmut List Halle website for an up-to-date event schedule.


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