Precise measurement also under rough testbed conditions

Input-Output (IO) Modules

The measurement of voltages, currents, temperatures, resistances, etc. in the testbed environment is the basis for getting a detailed understanding about the behavior and performance of a unit under test. The correctness and useableness of measurement results starts with a precise and reliable data acquisition.

Products & Services

Modular amplifiers for high-end conditioning of cylinder pressure, manifold pressure, rail pressure, or timing signals for the purpose of combustion analysis.
The AVL COMPACT I/O Cube is designed as a versatile I/O module for the test cell to allow data acquisition and control of a wide variety of I/O devices. The Cube provides various input and output channels. The channel assignment is software-configurable by the user. Depending on the required I/O configuration, there are different I/O cubes available, an all-in-one I/O cube or dedicated cubes for temperature or pressure channels. Additional cubes can be easily added to the system.
Test beds in the automotive industry are relatively rough environments where I/O systems are subjected to heat, vibration, fumes and EM radiation. The AVL FEMs have been designed specifically for this environment.
This snap-in unit provides exact acquisition of 12 independent pressure signals in the field of automotive engine and powertrain testing.