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Transparent. Secure. Global.

AVL PUMA 2™ Share

Central management of parameters and result data for AVL automation systems

Data is becoming the “fuel” of the fourth industrial revolution. Without trustworthy data, no correct decisions can be made. Without traceability, data quickly becomes useless. Data is an asset which has to be accessible to your engineers, anytime and anywhere, in safe way.

AVL PUMA 2™ Share is the hub that connects your AVL testbeds to your engineers. It enables you to share data throughout your entire test field.

Why Partner with AVL?

With PUMA 2 Share, we are proud to present the latest generation of our modern system for the central management of parameters and results data. It supports the engineers during the complete testbed process – from preparation to reporting.

It features a consistent, simple and intuitive user interface that enables the efficient configuration and immediate validation of parameters. This supports the preparation of testbed tasks upfront in the office, resulting in a significant increase in productive testbed time.

Based on the global standard ASAM-ODS, PUMA 2 Share centrally manages the parameters and data generated by the AVL automation system – independent of the application. Frontloading is key to continuous and stable testbed operation and PUMA 2 Share allows quick and easy data access from the office or the testbed.

All data, such as variables, units, dimensions, fuel data and formulas, are stored on the central data server and made available to the testbeds. This means you can execute centrally-created test runs on various testbeds and compare the results of different applications.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize your AVL Automation System experience
  • Save time at the testbed by shifting all preparation activities to the office
  • Improve efficiency through centralized access
  • Reduce errors through standardized naming conventions