Integrate and Simulate

Testing Solutions

Integrate & Simulate

Building up a network of testing environments and/or locations forces our customers to share information and methods across processes, data and locations. AVL supports this needs of our customers in providing strong integration platforms and simulation capabilities for connecting processes and development environments on a single or even over distributed locations.

AVL Approach

The development of our platforms and simulation tools is driven by a continuous dialog with our customers and close cooperation to ensure best in-class products.

AVL´s product portfolio supports the collaboration and connection of testing processes, data and test systems across

  • same development environments (e.g. engine test beds) at the same or even over distributed locations
  • different development environments (e.g. XiL test bed, component test bed, vehicle test bed) considering the whole development process

with strong integration platforms and simulation tools especially developed to support our customers in mastering their challenges.

Benefits at a Glance

  • State-of-the-art automation systems creating a strong integration platform for seamless support from office environment towards road testing
  • Simulation support in frontloading tasks across all test bed environments to support faster and more accurate engine and driveline development.
  • Re-use of simulation models across the testing environment
  • Incorporation of usability and maintainability aspects with one goal: focus on the development of the unit under test and spend less time with complex test bed configuration