The Ease of Automation

AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell

The Intuitive Automation System for Highly Dynamic Fuel Cell System Testing

The Demand for Green Mobility
Increasingly strict CO2 restrictions and the worldwide demand for green mobility pose a huge challenge to the automotive industry. Emission-friendly options like hydrogen fuel cells are still battling to achieve long driving ranges and short refilling times. That’s why it is important to continuously optimize their durability and reliability. To achieve this, a state- of-the-art test environment must combine the real fuel cell system on the testbed with a virtual vehicle to simulate real driving scenarios early in the development phase.

AVL’s Fuel Cell Solution
The automation system AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell represents the heart of the fuel cell system testbed. It enables you to easily manage the challenges of today and the demands of tomorrow, from research and development to the validation of fuel cell systems.

How Does it Work?
An intuitive user interface allows easy access to modern testing and validation methods. In addition to standard features, such as steady state tests and fully automated test runs, it offers reliable and precise control of the unit-under-test, measuring devices, test cell facilities and all safety-relevant monitoring features – in real-time.

With PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell, you can easily execute complex test runs and centrally access and process data with integrated software solutions from AVL Team SUITE™.

Key Benefits:

  • Cutting-edge usability for new and experienced users through tailored user interface
  • Early online diagnosis of fuel cell degradation by integrated diagnosis controls
  • Standardized device integration enabled by powerful and latest interface technologies
  • Prepare and validate all testing tasks in the office to save valuable testbed time