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The ease of automation

AVL PUMA 2™ Inverter

The intuitive automation system for inverter testing

AVL PUMA 2™ Inverter is our leading automation system to test and validate inverters. The inverter is the prerequisite to efficiently operate an e-motor which operates the e-motor in a closed loop control scheme.

Our tailored solution features an outstanding intuitive user interface displaying all important values at a glance. You can easily integrate the automation software into existing AVL test fields, allowing data to be shared across different testbed types and configurations.

A Comprehensive Inverter Testing Solution

Our complete integrated solution covers all inverter testing requirements that arise from automation, limit monitoring and measurement. Furthermore, easy parameterization and online operation of the AVL E-Motor™ (E-ME) leads to most efficient inverter testbed operation.

Real-time data collection and fast access to all measurement devices and test cell facilities guarantee reliable and consistent measurement results. But the key advantages of PUMA 2 Inverter lie in its ease of use.


A Solid Foundation for Success

Based on our AVL PUMA 2™ system – the global industry standard for testbed automation –PUMA 2 Inverter allows you to prepare and validate your testing tasks right from the office. This saves valuable testbed time, and maximizes ROI.

Graphical parameterization simplifies the definition of test cycles, and the centralized management of users, projects and quantities puts everything you need in one place. The system can be integrated with more than a hundred different measurement devices, including tools from third party suppliers. Last but not least, the built-in Device Driver Studio offers almost limitless compatibility with other systems.

Flexible, highly comprehensive and offering you all the tools you need for automated inverter testing, PUMA 2 Inverter is built with the user in mind. Usability, compatibility and simplicity are at its very heart, helping to reduce your effort, cut downtime and maximize productivity.