The AVL FUEL SYSTEM COMPACT™ is designed to meet the demands of basic R&D, endurance, quality and end-of-line applications. 

AVL Approach

Fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction are key topics in the automobile world. To ensure minimum fuel consumption, engines are validated on testbeds.

The AVL FUEL SYSTEM COMPACT™ with a measuring range from 0 to 125 kg/h and a conditioning unit with integrated heating, covers applications for small engines up to heavy-duty diesel truck engines with 600 kW. The AVL FUEL SYSTEM COMPACT™ can be used with a range of fuel injection systems.

More than 10,000 AVL fuel measurement devices in the field stand for proven technology. In a complex testing environment, AVL FUEL SYSTEM COMPACT™ provides a simple, precise, and robust solution to measure fuel consumption.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Unique AVL fuel measurement sensor
  • Flexibility in term of engine type & size - one size fits all.
  • Simple mounting for fast installation.
  • Optimized hydraulic design for high measurement quality and repeatability.
  • Measurement diagnosis functions
  • Designed in AUSTRIA - built in INDIA

Technical Data

Measurement range

0 …125 kg/h

Systematic measurement uncertainty

≤ 0.10 %

Maximal measuring frequency

(analog output) 2 Hz

Fuel circulation capacity

240 L/h or 540 L/h @50 Hz w/ alternative Pump

Max. temperature control range

15°C ... 60°C

Temperature stability

≤ 0.5°C

Heating / Cooling power

1.6 kW / 2.2 kW

Step response time

T90 < 1 s

Rise time

T10…T90 < 1 s

Fuel type

Gasoline (EN228), Diesel (EN590)

Fuel supply pressure from facility

10…80 kPa

Fuel supply temperature


Outlet (return) pressure

≤ 50 kPa @240 L/h

Maximum engine feed pressure with external pressure regulator

600 kPa


RS232 (AK protocol), analog 0… 10 V, digital I/O

Ambient temperature

5 … 50°C

Power supply

230V 60 Hz

Power consumption

2.2 KW


600 x 1580 x 415 mm (W x H x D)

Weight (dry)

140 kg


Measuring Principle

AVL Fuel Meter COMPACTTM Measurement Principle
The fuel passes through a U-shaped tube, which vibrates with its natural frequency. This frequency is proportional to the fuel density, which, in addition to the mass flow, is a separate measurement variable and thus allows for the output of volumetric measurement values. The time lag of the vibration frequency C1 to C2 is proportional to the mass flow.

About Compact

AVL, the technology leader for automotive testing systems, provides comprehensive know-how for basic testing requirements as well as at the highest levels of testing. Easy to use, functional and good value, AVL COMPACT™ is the best COMPACT solution in the market.

Ready. Set. Go.