Fascination has a new dimension


A revolutionary new approach to exhaust gas measurement

Strict emission legislation and long test cycles, such as WLTC and hybrid cycles, are driving a significant increase in demand for emission testing. Furthermore, powertrain and testbed complexity are growing in order to deliver the flexibility required to address a range of different applications.

All this results in different challenges that require testbed downtimes and operating costs to be minimized. And, in many cases, the testbed CO2 footprint must also be considered.

With the AVL AMA SL™ we have created a solution to these challenges. And more.

High Quality and Efficiency in a SlimLine Package

AMA SL is a high-end exhaust measurement system that is revolutionizing emission testing for engine exhaust gas measurement. It is ideally suited to both research and development applications and certification for almost all types of engines and fuels.

The system has a wide dynamic measurement range for up to eight exhaust gas components in one stream. Additionally, it can calculate the exhaust gas recirculation rate (EGR) by measuring CO2 from a second sample point. As a dual-stream system, it enables parallel measurements at two sampling points. These might be before and after an exhaust aftertreatment system, for example, in order to assess the catalyst efficiency.

Measurements are made without any impact on the unit-under-test (UUT) thanks to a 75 % reduction in exhaust sample volume, and a 90 % reduction in EGR sample volume. This allows parallel exhaust measurements at multiple sampling points for a wide range of engine sizes.

AMA SL reduces operational costs by 40 % due to its intelligent service concept and low power consumption. Furthermore, it is designed to reduce CO2 even further by using fewer pumps. This reduces wear and the demand for spare parts. Higher robustness also leads to longer service intervals.

The system guarantees an improved uptime because of its unique, robust and service-friendly design. This allows for a 50 % reduction in service time. Furthermore, a 70 % smaller footprint reduces the space required in today’s already crowded test fields.


Benefits at-a-Glance

Further benefits of the system include:

  • Significantly reduced footprint offers a host of new installation possibilities
  • Reduced long-term costs thanks to intelligent service concept
  • Increased accuracy without UUT impact thanks to reduced sample volumes
  • Maximum uptime due to robust, service-friendly design and reduced service time