Streamline your structure dynamics simulations


AVL EXCITE™ is an innovative rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics software solution for powertrain analysis. This powertrain development tool calculates the dynamics, durability, vibration and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and entire ICE-based or electrified powertrains.

The AVL Solution

The continuing demand for the improvement of modern powertrain efficiency, along with reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption poses great challenges for OEMs. Additionally, balancing these efficiencies with the increased power and torque expected by drivers leads to higher mechanical and thermal loads on powertrain components. This raises the risk of acoustic problems due to higher or additional excitations.

EXCITE is a simulation tool that supports the modelling of components, subsystems and complete powertrains with different levels of detail. This is adapted to analysis demands, ensuring an optimum balance between simulation effort and accuracy.

High Resolutions, High Flexibility

Detailed thermal elasto-hydrodynamic contact models (EHD) for slider bearings, pistons and piston rings, and 3D gear contact models with the real tooth profiles are provided. This facilitates in-depth investigations with accurate results for durability, friction, wear and acoustics. The best possible computational efficiency is achieved by a strong numerical coupling between structure dynamics and elasto-hydrodynamics.

For the analysis of hybrid powertrains and e-drives, various modeling levels are available. This enables the consideration of torsional and radial electro-mechanical coupling and the excitation of e-motors.

Application-specific pre- and post-processing tools and workflows, such as numerical transfer path analysis and airborne noise calculation for acoustic investigations are included. These complement AVL’s solution and enable an efficient and supportive analysis workflow.

Further benefits of AVL EXCITE include

  • This predictive simulation software reduces the need for prototyping and helps to avoid expensive troubleshooting
  • Short project lead times due to high computational efficiency and application oriented, automated post-processing
  • Environment to customize result data evaluation and report generation by own developed apps and workflows