Precise Results with Maximized Reproducibility

AVL Filter Weighing Management

The AVL Filter Weighing Chamber
The AVL FWC™is a cost and space-saving alternative to a separately conditioned clean room. It is user-friendly and offers maximum ergonomics and functionality.

How does it work?
A laminar flow with a precise monitoring of temperature and dew point is assured within the working area of the FCW. In addition, the atmospheric pressure in the weighing area is monitored and is ready to be used for the required buoyancy correction.

As the ambient air is inserted into the working area it is prepared to achieve the clean room standard 5 according to ISO 14644-1. A vibration-decoupled weighing stone is situated in the weighing section and the high-precision scale with an accuracy in the µg-range is placed on the stone.

The AVL Filter Weighing Robot
The AVL FWR™ offers the most reliable and precise particulate matter (PM) weighing results via a fully automated filter weighing process. These results are then recorded in a database along with relevant ancillary data, such as temperature and relative humidity.

The AVL Filter Weighing Software
AVL ParticleScale fits ideally into the existing AVL automation system environment and leads the operator through the whole weighing process. Every filter runs through different states controlled by the AVL ParticleScale, beginning with pre-conditioning and ending with the weighing of the loaded filter and its disposal.

Key Benefits

  • Meet emission regulations with correct conditioning times and weighing cycles
  • Ensure precise results with maximized reproducibility of the weighing process
  • Fully traceable filter weighing process thanks to the innovative RFID technology
  • Higher throughput and improved data quality with minimized workload for lab technicians