AVL HSS i60 Heated Sampling Systems

The AVL HSS i60 is a highly flexible pre-filter and sample selection module for raw exhaust emission measurements. The AVL HSS i60 removes particulate contamination from the exhaust probe and prevents contamination of heated sample lines as well as of emission measuring systems. The heated sampling systems switch an emission bench to different sample points and sample lines.

AVL Approach

Pre-filters remove particulates from the exhaust gas and prevent contamination of sample lines and emission measuring systems. Heated sampling systems offer the possibility to switch an AVL AMA i60 or an AVL SESAM i60 FT to different sample points or lines. Sample points are, for example, single cylinders of an engine, whereas sample lines could be different testbeds that share one emission measuring system.

Sample selection modules come with 2 to 4 inlets or up to 10 inlets and 1 outlet. In addition, dual stream modules with up to 9 inlets can be chosen.

The heated boost pump is required to overcome the pressure drop if very long heated sample lines are used.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Extendable with pressure drop sensors, pressure regulation, etc.
  • Minimized delay time for transient measurements due to innovative valve manifold layout
  • Optimized design to minimize wall effects (hang-up)
  • Sample point and sample line switching (up to 10 inlets)
  • Boost pump with controlled recirculation circuit – no bypass required
  • Stand alone pre-filter to be connected to 3rd-party equipment

Further information about filter elements


Filtering techniques: 

Deep-bed filters: The mean pore size of filter media is larger than the mean diameter of collected particles. Such filters collect particulates very well, which have a diameter much smaller than the mean pore size of the filter. These small particulates are collected on the internal walls of the filter. Particulates with a diameter fractionally smaller than the pore size will pass best through the filter.  

Surface filters: These filters collect all particulates whose diameter is larger than the pore size, and do not filter particulates whose diameter is smaller. A loaded surface filter may also collect smaller particulates, since the collected particulates work like as a deep-bed filter.


The functionality of the AVL HSS i60 can be extended by the following enhancements:

  • Several main filters selectable
  • Additional inlet filter
  • Flame trap
  • Pressure regulator
  • Backflush variable or to probe
  • Flow rate sensor
  • Pressure drop sensor

Technical Data

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Depending on the engine, fuel type and sample point (e.g. pre-cat, post-cat, post-DPF), different filter materials such as ceramic, fiber glass, stainless steel or titanium can be used.

Boost pumps are used in applications with very long distances (> 17m) from the sampling point to the emission measuring system. Typical applications are test cell sharing and large test cells as used in marine vessel engine testing. Furthermore, boost pumps are applied in altitude and altitude simulation testbeds.

Available Types

The following modules are available:

  • AVL Pre-Filter C - 1 sample inlet at 1 sample stream
  • AVL Pre-Filter - 1 sample inlet at 1 sample stream
  • AVL HSS i60 Medium - up to 4 sample points at 1 stream or up to 4 streams (test cells)
  • AVL HSS i60 Large - up to 10 sample inlets at 1 sample stream or up to 9 sample inlets at 2 sample streams
  • AVL Heated Boost Pump - 1 sample inlet at 1 sample stream