Accuracy through innovation

AVL iCAL Emission Calibration Devices

A comprehensive range of products designed around the needs of the customer and the market

The accuracy of exhaust measurement systems is highly dependent on the quality and precision of the calibration devices used. In order to guarantee high quality results, minimize operating errors and reduce operating times, we have created the AVL iCAL product line of emission calibration devices.

The iCAL product line includes everything you need for accurate calibrations of emission devices according to the legal obligations of global markets. Including:

  • Gas Dividers
  • NOx Converter Testers
  • Critical Flow Orifice (CFO) devices
  • Laminar Flow Element (LFE) devices

Versatile, Functional, Comprehensive

Designed to generate highly accurate gas mixtures, our iCAL Gas Dividers have the highest number of cut points (1023) which reduces the number of span gas bottles you require. They offer the best long-term stability and reproducibility thanks to the use of highly accurate sonic nozzles.

The iCAL NOx converter tester reliably determines the efficiency of NOx converters used in chemiluminescence detector (CLD) analyzers. The converter tester is built into the gas divider and is based on corona discharge technology. It is optimized for a high stability of the generated NO2 and a short stabilization time.

To comply with regulatory demands for frequent CFO testing, we have created the iCAL CFO propane injection tester. This device allows you to introduce a precise quantity of propane into the CVS dilution system, or into an AVL SHED chamber. To make it even more accurate, it is temperature stabilized at 50°C.

The AVL iCAL LFE (Laminar Flow Element) includes accurate sensors for temperature and pressure and an electronic unit with a user interface. Depending on the flow range, it allows you to calibrate the flow rate of either the Critical Flow Venturis (CFV) within a CVS system or the Mass-Flow Controllers (MFC) in a Particulate Sampler (PSS). The pressure and temperature sensors are connected directly to the electronic flow calculation unit, which can save up to five different, selectable calibration coefficients.

Slim Solutions for Crowded Test Fields

Our iCAL Gas Dividers are used to verify the linearity of analyzers for emission certification and R&D testing. Featuring the most innovative and accurate technology, they support best-in-class emission testing.

As members of the AVL SlimLine™ family the newly launched AVL SlimLine™ Gas Dividers, provide you with the highest accuracy (better than 0.5 % of cut point) and come with an exceptionally small footprint. To achieve this we have built them using 3D metal printing technology and laser drilling, an approach which raises the standard for devices of this kind. Our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory and numerous installations at regulatory bodies, prove the highest levels of accuracy and the compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

Combined Functionality for Extra Convenience

To further ease the pressure on crowded test labs, the AVL iCAL GNU SL combines a NOx converter checker with the AVL iCAL GDU SL Gas Divider.

We have created these SlimLine devices to take up as little floor space as possible, and being about half the size of other current iCAL devices, they can even be wall mounted. And just like all iCAL products, our intention has been to set new benchmarks in crucial properties. These include:

  • Achieve best reproducibility and long-term stability
  • New internal flow design for fast, perfect span gas purge
  • Easy intuitive and fully automated operation
  • Balancing high quality with cost-effectiveness
  • Ensuring full ISO 17025 / EPA CFR 40 part 1065 / 1066 compliance
  • Improved performance for problematic or sticky gasses, such as NH3
  • Modern, web-based stand-alone operation
  • Fastest purge times to reduce calibration time, gas consumption and improve results