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Control and monitor scheduled tasks for emission tests and routine diagnostic checks

AVL VITA 2™ is a scheduling module that supports highly automated and safe emission testing workflows. It enables the control and monitoring of scheduled tasks for emission tests and the routine diagnostic checks required by legislation or quality control.

This scheduling system has several capabilities, including vehicle and engine testing and device check automation. Furthermore, it allows you to communicate with personnel about activities on the testbed. It can run automatically or be initiated by the operator.

Featuring easy integration with other AVL tools, such as SlimLine, iGENERATION, CANLOAD, SHEDCon, and Particle Scale, iGEM VITA offers a sophisticated way to organize and schedule your testing efforts. You can plan tasks in calendars or prioritized backlogs and create new tasks, just as you would when scheduling events in Microsoft Outlook©. You can even schedule tasks for individual stations and organize test setups from the comfort of your own office.

High Flexibility with VITA 2

The VITA 2 scheduling module is highly scalable and you can use it for single devices and testbeds, up to whole test fields. It provides the highest flexibility when integrating your own environment thanks to a standardized interface. You can connect VITA 2 to existing, internal systems and integrate it into proven testing workflows. Moreover, test orders assigned by an external host system become available in a graphical log. And scheduling them to a testbed or station calendar is easy, thanks to simple drag-and-drop operation.

Our scheduling module is a new benchmark in terms of efficiency and reliability. We use measurement equipment to its fullest to perform regulatory diagnostic checks. Graphical indicators, customized messaging and written work instructions enable clear communication with users.


Highlights include:

  • Schedule device checks and emission tests on the testbed simultaneously
  • Simultaneously execute device check and emission tests
  • Highest flexibility when integrating your own environment thanks to a standardized interface
  • Reliable quality during user interaction and regulatory device test intervals
  • Centralized task overview for large-scale test fields
  • Conflict alerts for testbed utilization clashes
  • Mobile device support for schedule and status monitoring