AVL Oil Consumption Meter

Clean, accurate, and reliable

AVL Oil Consumption Meter

A flexible and compact addition to the development testbed

Compact, accurate and clean, the AVL Oil Consumption Meter facilitates plausible and professional measurements of oil consumption and oil refilling in the internal combustion engine. Mobile and automatic, it requires little effort to gain an accurate picture of engine oil usage, helping to improve efficiencies that reduce emissions.

Designed with the User in Mind

Convenience and usability were our watchwords when we designed the Oil Consumption Meter. Built to be portable and compact, it is a flexible addition to any test architecture. As the user is not required to directly handle any oil thanks to its automatic measurement process, it supports a clean testbed environment.

Easily integrated into the automation system it promotes minimum downtimes while its integrated oil refilling unit supports extended endurance test cycles. With stand-alone operation made possible due to the unit’s integrated operating panel, it offers a 50% saving in time compared to other products.


How Does it Work?

The Oil Consumption Meter uses the gravimetric principle to accurately measure oil consumption. During a measurement cycle, oil is extracted from the engine either from the drain plug or using a modified dipstick, and transferred to a measurement tank. The weight of the oil is then determined using a highly precise oil pressure sensor, before it is pumped back into the engine.

Measurements from each cycle are compared against one another to accurately and cleanly measure oil consumption. The system is highly accurate and can be used to measure all types of oils such as mineral, vegetable and synthetic oils, including additives. This includes both fresh and old oils.


Why Partner with AVL?

With seven decades of automotive development, testing and validation experience, at AVL our products have been proven with OEMs around the world. The Oil Consumption Meter is no exception, and offers our customers a further valuable addition to their testing and calibration toolchain.