Highly efficient stationary power generation

AVL Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power

AVL’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power (AVL SOFC CHP) stationary power generator is a clean, efficient, cost-effective technology. Generating electricity with near zero pollutant emissions at efficiencies of up to 60% – even in small power ranges – it is an attractive answer to a range of challenges.

Designed for use with any type of carbon-based fuel, from conventional fuels to future biofuels, operators can achieve CO2-neutral use. Design-to-cost and design-to-manufacture development practices and low fuel consumption keep operating costs low.

Scalable power output from a few kilowatts to multi-megawatt applications makes it ideal for grid connection and/or island operation. A SOFC CHP system in the 5kW range has already been developed, while concept studies for a system in the 200kW range have been carried out for a power plant developer. Stack benchmark studies have also been conducted along with the design and build-up of large stacked modules for a large power generation manufacturer.

At AVL, we cover the entire development process from simulation of both individual components to entire systems, layout analysis, system optimization, and the production of components such as reformers, media supply and burners. Even design and packaging, demonstration plants, manufacturing and testing processes are part of our offering, which draws on 15 years of experience gained from over 100 fuel cell engineering projects and more than 10 SOFC system development programs.

Boasting efficiencies typically 30 – 40% higher than other comparable technologies, our SOFC CHP systems provide excellent performance and near-silent running. Efficiencies above 95% are possible thanks to very low degradation and part-load capabilities between 50-110%, combined with the use of exhaust heat directly for heating, or converted into cooling power in an absorption chiller.

These solutions enable us to meet increasingly stringent global CO2 limits and noise reduction demands without sacrificing performance, reliability or product lifespan.

The Further Benefits of AVL’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power Solutions:

  • Efficient heat recovery thanks to high temperature exhaust gas heat (> 200 °C)
  • Wide IPR portfolio to support industrialization of fuel cell products
  • SOFC CHP with industry-wide smallest package and unique performance
  • Scalable power output from a few kilowatt to multi-megawatt applications
  • Lifetime (stacks, balance-of-plants, and power electronics) is > 80,000 h
  • Comprehensive SOFC specific FMEA experience
  • Fuel cell Test Center in the range of 1 – 20 kW
  • Testing facility for containerized solutions up to 1000 kW