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AVL X-ion™

Your high-speed, modular data acquisition platform

AVL X-ion™ is the high-speed, modular data acquisition platform dedicated to powertrain development. It combines combustion, optical, e-power analysis and NVH analysis technologies into one single system. Thus, X-ion can help you to better understand individual powertrain components and their interaction.

How Does it Work?

In the face of growing powertrain complexity, AVL X-ion™ can help you manage the increasing testing effort by adapting easily to different environments and units-under-test. Its high-end built-in signal processor enables a broad range of online calculations and data compression.

Powertrain developers can now quickly match acquisition systems to the units-under-test, thus harmonizing test cells and standardizing test processes. X-ion is also the ideal solution for hybrid applications.

X-ion is available in two different versions:

  • X-ion 683 for installation at the testbed e.g. boom box or measurement trolley
  • X-ion Mobile 684 for in-vehicle applications

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency based on the reduced number of tools in the test facility and in the office
  • Delivers testbed versatility, reducing changeover and retooling times
  • Stress-free transition to electrified powertrains
  • Future-proof investment thanks to evolutionary module concept
  • Measurement of all relevant signals (e-Power, Indicating, Visio, Torque and now also NVH) in a single system, either in-vehicle or on a testbed