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Angle Encoder 366C / 365X

Precise rotation angle measurement in the vehicle or on the testbed

The AVL Angle Encoders have been designed to enable you to precisely and reliably acquire the characteristics of a rotating shaft. Our latest model 366C is the successor to the proven and well-established 365C. The devices 366C and 365X monitor angle marks on a revolving shaft and transmit them via fiber optic cable.

We have designed the 365X primarily for use mounted between the engine and the dyno, while the 366C is designed for the end of the shaft and is ideal for use in the test cell as well as in-vehicle.

Robust, Accurate and Versatile

Both 366C and 365C offer you highly accurate results. The mechanics is neither influenced by high temperature nor by high vibration or electrical interference thanks to its fiber-optic signal transmission. Additionally, they can operate at loads of up to 500g permanently, and 1000g temporarily. This means that you can use them with the utmost confidence, whatever your application.

You can make precise and highly resolved measurements from 0 rpm to 20,000 rpm with 366C, and from 50 rpm to 28,000 rpm with 365X. The compact design enables you to use the 366C for in-vehicle testing.

An integrated marker disk with 720 marks enables the live acquisition of the rotation angle at a resolution of 0.5 degrees CA. When you connect the device to our AVL X-ion™ modular data acquisition platform these measurements can be made continuously, increasing productivity.

Absolute Confidence, Absolute Compatibility

With the 366C and the 365X you can measure both the speed and amount of rotation. When operated in combination with X-ion, you can also use the 366C to measure the direction of rotation. The device achieves this by monitoring phase shift in signal evaluation, which can be useful if you need to conduct shaft position measurements during stop-start operation, for example. This allows you to know the absolute position of the shaft at any time during operation.

We have designed the 366C as a replacement for the 365C, it is mechanically and electronically fully compatible with its predecessor. We have made this possible in the way we have designed its flange and supporting arm mounting situation. Powered by X-ion, it also features an additional signal-out plug for CDM transfers. This can be useful for communicating with test cell systems such as AVL PUMA™.

Furthermore, both encoders are electrically compatible with our AVL Advanced GigaBit and AVL IndiMicro series indicating devices. These provide a range of valuable information, excluding direction of rotation.