Supporting cleaner engines

Quantify Emission and Fuel Consumption Reduction

Real-world measurements in the lab

Measuring the efficiency and consumption of fuels, additives and lubricants in the lab is currently only done under steady-state conditions on the testbed. This is the preferred method of developing, measuring and improving these products, simply because it’s impossible to do so in the real world.

Reproducing road conditions, matching maneuvers, precise engine behaviors and environmental conditions regarding test parameters cannot be easily achieved when testing on the road. It is time consuming, error prone, and subject to an untold number of variables.

However, the industry is required to conduct these tests. So, there is no choice but to engage in a time-consuming and unpredictable test project, or find an alternative. Fortunately, at AVL we have such an alternative.

Automating Real World Scenarios

On the chassis dynamometer, a human driver can easily introduce unwanted errors into the test process. Furthermore, the road grade seldom matches the real road because GPS does a poor job of measuring it accurately. So, we have turned to the computer to conduct the testing.

Our advanced algorithm and robot systems replicate and reproduce real-life road testing scenarios on the chassis dyno. This allows us to reproduce real-world testing in the lab, with results that are highly repeatable, comparable and representative. This means that product performance, emissions and consumption can be realistically quantified. It also enables the impact of lubricants and additives on emissions to be optimized quickly, in a cost-effective way.

Benchmarking and Exhaustive Testing

With our comprehensive benchmarking activities, we can provide comparable and representative measurement results for different vehicle types in a variety of test conditions. And with the possibility to run test activities 24/7, the results are robust, the test scenarios are exhaustive and the resulting product quality is higher than ever.

Based on the know-how of our global network of experts, this technology has been proven with a variety of customers with unique needs and test environments. The outcome is a methodology that delivers high-quality results time and time again.