High Precision Torque Transducer

Torque Sensors

AVL is the world-leading supplier of complete testbed solutions with included torque sensors and torque transducers. They are highly accurate, reliable and have a wide dynamic bandwidth.

Monitor and Measure
Today's typical global R&D centers need to compare, reproduce and validate measurement data. To ensure data consistency across different facilities, they require a highly reliable torque measuring system that is easy to use.

Firm and Faultless
When combined with the AVL calibration system, our torque sensors increase measurement accuracy and reliability on the testbed. The sensors are also compatible with the AVL dynamometers, with the torque sensor being typically installed on the dynamometer coupling flange. AVL uses the high-quality HBM torque flanges, specifically the types T40B and T12HP.

Specifications at A Glance

  • Low mass moments of inertia
  • Small outside diameter reduces the integration effort
  • Low maintenance and wear-free system (as there are no bearings and no slip-rings)
  • High cost efficiency, as no additional electronic components are required
  • T12HP: 100 Nm - 10 kNm, accuracy class: 0.02%
  • T40B: 50 Nm - 10 kNm, accuracy class: 0.05%