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Driving Simulator

Accelerating driver development

AVL RACING Driving Simulator

Get behind the wheel

The AVL RACING Driving Simulator prepares you to become a better driver in a realistic and professional environment with cutting-edge vehicle simulation and track models. This solution facilitates gaining experience in a safe and F1 proven environment in order to gain advantage over your competition through best preparation available. 

Driving Simulator back

The Challenge

Every season sees a never-ending pursuit of performance improvements for engineers and drivers alike. Cars are constantly upgraded with better components and set ups, with drivers continually having to adapt to new tracks and new changes. Limited opportunities for track testing can lead to problems for engineers and drivers. With very little time to properly test and train before each race weekend, one error or issue can render this valuable time lost. 

Driving Simulator Habsburg

The AVL Solution

The AVL RACING Driving Simulator offers a state of the art, in-house testing environment for preparation, testing and training between every race weekend. The integrated AVL Vehicle Simulation Model (VSM) allows us to adapt the simulated car to your needs with automated setup optimization to ensure maximum time efficiency. The flexibility of the AVL RACING Driving Simulator allows the customer ECU and full vehicle to be tested with the driver in the loop, providing a new efficient way for full vehicle and strategy development. 

Driving Simulator Habsburg front view

The Added Value

Increased driver speed and consistency without the risk of crashes
Test ECU software in the loop under most realistic conditions
Optimized and tested car setups before the first day of practice
Driver Simulator with 6DOF Motion
1.5g acceleration in every direction
180° Screen with HD visualization
Real racecar steering wheels
Hydraulic brake pedal, adjustable in position and strength
Customized seats
Customer cockpits can be mounted on the platform


Various Applications
Pre-Event preparation 
Controllers training due to real steering wheel
Car setup optimization
Energy management development
Race strategy development
Shakedown test with ECU in the loop