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Calibration & Optimization

Modern powertrain development creates significant challenges for the automotive industry. Essential vehicle attributes - performance, dynamics, fuel consumption, emissions and acoustics - depend on an optimized tuning of the control units. On the one hand, those calibration tasks are becoming more complex but on the other hand, optimal results in a shorter amount of time are demanded. To cover the wide range of tasks in their daily work, calibration engineers need efficient tools to put new methods into practice.
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AVL PUMA Open 2™


AVL PUMA Open 2™ は、テストベッドオートメーションの世界的な業界標準プラットフォームです。あらゆる電動化用途のテストベッド、及び内燃機関等の従来のテスト環境に適しています。当社の主要な自動化システムは、現代の試験方法に適合しており、拡張も容易に可能となっており、AVL...

Handle Complex Calibration Projects


AVL CRETA 5™ is a calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units. One of the main...

Makes complexity easy


Calibration Software AVL CAMEO 4™ is a proud member of the AVL TEAM SUITE™. It is a powerful tool that gives you one solution to handle the...

Calibrate beyond the limits

AVL Virtual Testbed™

Model based development easy accessible

The AVL Virtual Testbed™ provides a turnkey solution for virtual calibration with a consistent user experience. It makes model based development...