Vehicle System Simulation

AVL CRUISE™ is recognized across the industry as the most mature and advanced system-level vehicle powertrain simulation package. It has been designed to deal with the complexity of not just today's powertrain structures, but also those of the future, with an extremely flexible, user-friendly and easy-to-use concept.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Supporting the development process from concept studies to calibration and testing
  • Unique layer modeling concept provide unmatchable model management flexibility, re-usage and consistency at the same time
  • Analyze and switch between any drivetrain and transmission configuration from conventional to EV to HEV within one model with only one mouse click
  • Reduced effort with a ready-to-use vehicle analysis platform

From Concept Studies to Calibration and Testing

AVL CRUISE offers all of the flexibility needed to build up a system model, with the fidelity easily adjusted to all application requirements through the entire powertrain development cycle. It supports everyday tasks in vehicle system and driveline analysis throughout all of the development phases, from concept planning and design in the office to calibration and verification on hardware test systems. Starting with only a few input parameters in the early stages, the maturity of the model grows during the development process according to the continuously increasing simulation needs in calibration. Model reuse in consecutive or iterative development approaches ensures consistent decision processes and saves valuable engineering time by keeping the focus on the targets: optimizing vehicle fuel efficiency, emissions, driving performance and drivability.

Managing Changes with Effortless Ease

Today's multi-system vehicle powertrain concepts are pushing the complexity of system simulation models to the extreme. The highly adaptable system/subsystem structure of AVL CRUISE literally allows drivetrain concepts to be changed by a mouse click. Vehicle hybridization and the morphing of the model to application needs in different phases are carried out within minutes, allowing more time to be spent on the engineering, calibration and testing tasks, without having to dig into mathematical equations and re-program code.

Solution Oriented Open Concept in all Tasks

AVL CRUISE is more than just a vehicle simulation model. Streamlined workflows are realized for all kinds of parameter optimization, component matching and subsystem integration. The modular structure with its wide range of interfaces to other simulation tools, ready-to-use analysis tasks and data management capabilities are only a few of the key reasons why a growing number of leading OEMs and their suppliers have chosen to establish AVL CRUISE as their powertrain integration platform on a system level.