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The AVL Test Factory offers Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) at the highest level. The extensive opportunities and global test capacities of our facilities cover everything required to develop modern propulsion system solutions.

AVL Test Factory

The development of transmissions, e-axles, and other modern propulsion components requires a complex test and validation plan. Due to available internal capacities, insufficient time, and parallel development requirements, Vehicle manufacturers, OEMs, and suppliers quickly reach their limits.

By outsourcing testing activities to AVL you can rely on a global and competent partner with facilities worldwide, to overcome the challenges during the development and testing of new products.

We test your propulsion solutions from ICE-based, hybrid to fully electrified and fuel cell systems – with flexible shifts and 24/7 operation – in high-tech facilities and using testing procedures that we are continuously improving with our proven AVL methods. This enables us to create optimized solutions and provide you with test data results that are quality-checked and ready to use with AVL Data Analytics. 

A wide range of varying technology options, ever-shorter time-to-market goals, and increasing pressure to introduce optimized  validation plans – all areas of development are having an impact on testing requirements for propulsion systems. On a technology level, the transition to electrified propulsion is triggering a rapid increase in testing and validation requirements, increasing the need for a customized validation approach and the benefits it provides.

Test Factory

Time and Cost Efficiency

The timeframe for bringing new vehicles and propulsion systems to market is becoming increasingly shorter. This results in manufacturers being highly focused on lean and efficient product validation. Advancing technological development drives a direct relationship between time-to-market and return on the product.

Sufficient Capacities 

Many companies encounter bottlenecks in their internal test facilities. The more complex the requirement, the quicker the capacity limit is reached, particularly when parallel test requirements are involved. Lengthy or inefficient testing extends the overall development process and reduces the flexibility of the validation approach.

Required Testing Expertise

Changing technologies drive the need for a versatile approach to Design Validation Planning (DVP), to ensure full coverage with a lean approach. Many developers rely on long-standing DVPs that can benefit greatly from optimization to the specific product and application. 

Suitable Equipment

Innovations such as the high-speed e-axle require special testbeds and methods. Above all, manufacturers who have previously manufactured internal combustion engines are often transitioning to the required infrastructure for new mobility propulsion systems.


When testing e-drives, working with high-voltage systems (HV) requires compliance with high safety standards. In addition to the appropriate testing facilities, special technical skills and product knowledge are necessary to ensure safe handling of these systems.

Enhanced NR

At the AVL Test Factory, we realize both stand-alone testing tasks and projects that are embedded into a complete development program at AVL. Our approach goes beyond pure “Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)”: Where appropriate, we use our many years of engineering experience in an advisory capacity to optimize your test planning.

With our diverse portfolio, we can cover several test criteria simultaneously, such as performance, durability, misuse, NVH, EMC, etc. We can operate our testbeds 24/7 with full automation using cutting-edge testing tools. This enables us to reduce the timeframe required and support you in achieving your objectives. With AVL Data Analytics we have the tool and process to handle and evaluate your data fast and efficiently.

In the AVL Test Factory, you benefit from the wide range of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and global capacities of one of the leading technology companies in the automotive industry.  

•    More than 70 years of experience in automotive testing
•    More than 1,250 experienced, qualified team members worldwide
•    More than 300 testbeds for all types of automotive systems
•    Coverage of all relevant activities from prototype assembly to validation and data handling

Ready for all types of automotive technologies including:
•    New mobility technologies
•    Cutting-edge measurement technologies and systems
•    Top-quality test management and execution systems for global collaboration

Comprehensive Portfolio

We provide the full range of testing services from a “One Stop Shop”. Even if you have extensive requirements, you will have a single point of contact who coordinates your entire testing requirements with you.

Engineering Consulting

In addition to TaaS, we also provide accompanying development support upon request. AVL's extensive know-how enables us to make targeted recommendations on how to improve your product.

Quick Troubleshooting

The close, internal collaboration between AVL’s test and development experts allows us to find fast solutions to any challenge that may arise during testing.

Efficient test planning, testing execution, professional monitoring, data handling and reporting of testing progress.

Prioritized and optimized test planning: Optimized test plans help you to focus on your testing efforts on the most critical areas of the product firstly. This can help you identify defects more quickly and reduce the time and effort required to fix them.

Rapid data analysis, trend analysis, variations and statistical data can be reported quickly via the AVL Data Analytics tool.
In addition, your test data can be accessed through AVL’s proprietary analytics dashboard. Remote access to the test facilities allows your engineers and managers to view the data and testing status at any time.

Vaughan Morton

Efficient testing is not just about finding problems; it's about discovering opportunities to improve. Embrace the challenges and use them as a catalyst for innovation and growth. By leveraging the power of data, we can make informed decisions, identify patterns, and continuously improve our testing strategies, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective testing."

– Vaughan Morton, Chief Engineer, DF Test Factory, AVL List GmBH

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