Discover the AVL eSUITE™

Simulation for Electrified Powertrains

Now more than ever, it is imperative for engineers to look for new and inventive solutions to deliver fuel efficient clean vehicles. The AVL eSUITE™ offers flexible, fully integrated simulation solutions for electrified powertrains and systems. With our years of experience in conventional powertrain development, it is aimed at customers moving into the electrification space. The eSUITE is not just a set of products, it’s a ready-to-go toolkit of solutions designed to support our customers at every stage of development. We are here to help you meet your targets towards a cleaner, sustainable future with electrification.

EV/HEV Solutions
These solutions for electric and hybrid electric vehicles support the development engineer in dealing with the increased complexity of electrified powertrain systems. They promote the frontloading of activities to meet the stringent emission and CO2 targets under the aspect of increased driving pleasure.

E-Motor Simulation
Our E-motor simulation solution supports the analysis tasks during the concept and design phase. Engineers can now progress seamlessly through an embedded workflow, covering all major development challenges: performance and efficiency, thermal behavior, durability and NVH.

Battery Simulation
Our unmatched solution covers models from simple equivalent circuits up to detailed 3D electro-chemical models, which allow investigations of reaction kinetics ad degradation. Available for both system and component level, these range from a single cell to the battery module all the way up to the entire battery pack.

Fuel Cell Simulation
We offer a complete portfolio for fuel cell system development and integration, analysis and virtual testing, covering Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC), Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOE) as well as a wide range of applications. These include performance and thermal analysis as well as water management. Based on the detailed electro-chemical reactions, degradation phenomena can be analyzed for lifetime prediction.

Simulation for Vehicle Energy Efficiency
AVL provides a comprehensive simulation environment that supports you in the Vehicle Energy Management Systems (VEMS) analysis of increasingly complex challenges of powertrain electrification. It establishes seamless development processes that enable you to achieve the optimum setup for your specific needs.