Make your E-Powertrain fit for any climate and season

Simulation for Heating and Cooling Solutions



To evaluate the thermal behavior of the entire powertrain as well as its components during different driving and environmental conditions, AVL offers AVL CRUISEM on a system level and AVL FIRE M for detailed component investigation.

The simulation considers the calculation of the heat sources, conductive heat flow through structures, heat transfer via fluid flow as well as temperature rise and drop via Vapor Liquid Exchange (VLE) systems.

Thermal Conditioning of Powertrain Components
AVL CRUISE™ M is the ideal tool to quickly set up models and offers a guided workflow supporting the user with an integrated topology generator and parameter wizards. Engineering tasks covered in the software range from system layout to sizing, control strategy and derating calibration.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Being comfortable with a heating and cooling system is a pre-requisite while traveling in a car. AVL CRUISE™ M supports optimization of the HVAC system to ensure ideal conditions for passengers. Our simulation solution accounts for all relevant influences in addition to temperature, including sun exposure, humidity, cabin insulation, altitude and more. The software’s HVAC development works hand in hand with the entire vehicle powertrain.