Vehicle System Simulation

AVL CRUISE™ M is the automotive-industry-tailored system simulation software. It has been designed to deal with the complexity of today’s and future powertrains, supporting a wide range of applications in the areas of:

Powertrain concept and energy management analysis
Concept investigation and virtual benchmarking of different powertrain architectures and detailed analysis of the energy flow between energy sources and vehicle motion.

Engine-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Gas exchange and combustion analysis of the IC Engine, allowing the prediction of performance and fuel consumption.

Aftertreatment-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Consistent modeling of all physics and chemistry relevant to exhaust gas aftertreatment systems during all stages of the development process.

Transmission-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Modeling and analysis of advanced transmission configurations like DCT, AT, AMT, CVT and any other innovative transmission configuration.

E-Drive and Battery Related Vehicle System Simulation
Simulation of electrical drivelines considering e-motor, inverter and battery with the focus on performance, driving range and thermal integration.

Control Unit-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Supporting the development of different control units (xCUs) by integration capabilities from MiL to SiL to HiL.

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