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A Kaleidoscope of Simulation Possibilities

Simulation Tools

The challenge of reducing time and costs along the product development cycle has created a growing demand to replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes using frontloading. The vast range of variables in modern powertrain systems and the increasingly considered interaction of all vehicle components are to be mastered in the most efficient manner. Engineers are facing a great number of challenging development and simulation tasks which necessitate more than just ‘good software'.

AVL Approach

The unique power of AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies is derived from the systemic netting of single simulation results to integrated, multidimensional simulation platforms on the basis of AVL's deep engineering expertise. These simulation platforms address the key tasks of the powertrain development process. The close loop with measurement enables a very early verification of testing data and a significant reduction of test efforts.

AVL's unique simulation power is the combination and integration of AVL software tools, 3rd party tools, testing and analysis methods with seamless simulation workflows which together guide the user toward practical solutions.

AVL's simulation workflows address application tasks which cover all aspects of the product creation process. The huge complexity of these tasks is bundled into multidimensional simulation platforms on the basis of AVL's deep engineering know-how.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Robustness, ease of use and completeness of physical models enabling simulation to be used as a "frontloading" development tool
  • Exceptionally reliable and practical simulation solutions which solve development problems with a high level of accuracy and confidence
  • Simulation solutions focussing on powertrain engineering and therefore providing problem tailored capabilities for model set-up and result presentation to the powertrain development teams
  • Experienced local support and powertrain simulation teams serving your global development activities