AVL Data Analytics™

Hands-on Tool for Big Data Analytics, Automated Event Detection, and Visualization for the Mobility of Tomorrow

AVL Data Analytics™ is a cloud-first software solution built for the needs of today's automotive engineers, driving powerful data insights and effective actions at scale.

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Keeping up with data analytics is like a marathon for most automotive manufacturers when it comes to optimizing valuable engineering processes. Generating value from Big Data requires the adamant ability to systematically collect, prepare, visualize, and analyze data, as well as communicate and act on insights – something most companies struggle with. AVL Data Analytics™ helps you cross this seemingly unsurmountable finish line by blending unparalleled automated data intelligence with exceptional engineering expertise in the field of Battery, BEV, and HEV, taking your vehicle testing to a new level. With this compelling solution, you can compare massive volumes of data streams, detect events and anomalies in seconds, visualize your results through actionable dashboards, and instantly make better decisions.

Data Analytics for Battery

Re-charge your KPIs with data intelligence and battery-focused engineering expertise

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Data Analytics for BEV

Pure adrenaline for targeted analysis and monitoring of e-vehicle fleets

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Data Analytics for HEV 

Master the last validation mile of your hybrid fleets with data intelligence

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The shift to connected and software-defined vehicles plus the need for sustainable development are progressively pushing forward the digitalization of processes in the automotive industry. At the same time, the cost, quality and time-to-market pressures on mobility providers are growing exponentially. OEMs and Tier-ns thus need to address the implications of Big Data and use the resulting insights to unlock improvements in vehicle development and  validation. More than that, they need to harness the full potential of data analytics to determine the true value of data, derive actions, and thereby drive innovation and productivity growth. 

Mastering Mobility Data Challenges

Processing Large Data Volumes

Mobility players are ambiguous about how to effectively use the gigantic amount of data to boost the efficiency and quality of vehicle development.

Turning Data into Action

After years of investing in data, many OEMs still struggle to turn thousands of raw data points into valuable, actionable insights. 

Dealing With Silos

Most test cases are processed and analyzed once, referenced in a report, and stored in a siloed system – lacking transparency, collaboration, and data synergy.

Mastering Big Data in Complex Products

Mobility players need to keep pace with the ever-evolving complexity of the automotive product world regarding new powertrain concepts, new energy sources, etc.

Development, validation, and data engineers can now step into the future with the most actionable, cloud-ready Big Data solution. Its mission is to make measurements and tests comparable via automated event detection and clever algorithms, independent of test profiles. From concept to SOP, ensure the high quality and maturity of your vehicle. Analyze raw data of thousands of test cases infinite times, automatically detect events, and calculate characteristic values at scale. To gain deep insights, visualize them in intuitive, customizable dashboards and reports. Data Analytics makes finding the root cause so much more empowering by making all measurement results explorable and allowing you to take the necessary action with just a few clicks. 


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Dive deeper into the numerous benefits of Data Analytics and how the compelling solution helps you steer toward more
informed decision-making.

Leverage Concentrated Expertise

Stay ahead with unmatched engineering expertise built on countless successful real-world projects and included in all of our robust toolboxes

Outperform With Data Democratization

Avoid re-testing by gaining insights from existing data that you would not otherwise consider – from any test case and any test environment.

Optimize ROI and Reduce Costs

Purpose-driven analytics enables streamlined testing by avoiding repeated tests, reduces manpower, and shortens time-to-results.

Profit from Scalable Automation

Cut your data processing effort and time tremendously with the ultimate in standardized, automated analysis that focuses on characteristic values and associated outliers.

Discover Cloud-First Design

Start and scale faster with Data Analytics – ready for cloud deployment and running on all major hyperscalers.

Event Definition and Fully Automatic Event Detection

Enhance your development and validation by comparing high-quality, harmonized, and centrally stored data. Define your relevant events and let Data Analytics identify countless occurrences of them at the push of a button. Even more, perform data-driven root-cause analysis and detect outliers at lightning speed. 

Interactive Charts and Dashboards

Effortlessly shape your data into stunning visual charts and generate reports from unlimited personalized dashboards. With the fully intuitive visualization feature, you can perform comparisons and correlation analysis with existing data via
interactive charts. Stay on top of all data today, no matter your experience in data analytics.

Consistent Search

Get the insights to find the needle in the haystack. Search through the unknowns in your data in minutes. Examine that data in greater detail by analyzing root causes, identifying anomalies, and forecasting predictive trends. With Data Analytics, take the guesswork out of decision-making with the deepest, most actionable views into your measurement data.

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Discover the World of Data Analytics

Innovate fast. Shorten time-to-market. With an outstanding Big Data analytics solution that unleashes ultimate data
intelligence to reshape every aspect of vehicle testing. See what the future holds with Data Analytics in the AVL Experience
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Nikolaus Keuth

Data Analytics enables you to achieve unparalleled data democratization by leveraging AVL’s  accumulated engineering knowledge. It allows you to drive decisions and predictions with the confidence that all facts are data-driven and provide high coverage – outpacing end-consumer expectations and boosting time-to-market.

– Nikolaus Keuth, Deparment Manager Product and Solution Management, AVL

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