AVL Gas Sampling Unit

Application-driven solution for best-in-class EV thermal development.

The AVL Gas Sampling Unit is an outstanding safety device, which measures and analyzes
the gas composition while battery testing inside the test chamber within ten seconds.

gas sampling unit

Testing a battery cell, module or pack can damage the unit under test (UUT), resulting in various EUCAR hazard levels. When Hazard Level 4 or higher is reached, a large amount of characteristic gases are released. Quick detection of these gases can help prevent damage to the climate chamber or the entire testbed by allowing immediate fire suppression measures. We offer a comprehensive safety system. The AVL Gas Sampling Unit analyzes the gas composition in the test chamber in less than ten seconds and takes action to address safety issues

When testing battery cells, battery packs or battery modules, the UUT must withstand very high levels of stress. In a very harsh environment from -40°C to +90°C and high humidity, the units have to cope high electrical stresses. In some cases the UUTs are damaged and then EUCAR level 4 or higher is reached. For this reason, the AVL Gas Sampling Unit analyzes the gas composition in the test chamber in less than 10 seconds and can set actions for safety issues.

AVL Gas Sampling Unit
Serious Battery Damage During Testing

Within a very short time, the gas sampling unit can detect signs of damage.

Smoke Detection While Testing 

Even small amounts of smoke can be detected throughout the test cycle between -40°C and 90°C.

Gas Analysis on the Testbed

During operation, the gas composition inside the test chamber is continuously measured.

Possible Occurrence of Explosive Gases

The Gas Sampling Unit can detect combustible gases and alarm at 50% of the Lower Explosion Limit (LEL).

Oxygen-Free Atmosphere Prevents Explosions

The gas sampling unit can be equipped with a nitrogen inerting module.

Different Test Systems With Diverse Sensors

The system can be equipped with three different gas sensors.


The AVL Gas Sampling Unit can be equipped with various sensors to ensure its adaptability to future needs.  If the customer changes the main testing focus of the climatic chamber, the gas sampling unit can be modified to meet the new demands. This is particularly useful when testing different types of batteries that may produce various gases in case of malfunction. In such cases, the original sensors can be replaced with more suitable ones to ensure accurate results. The safety system only needs to be adjusted to the new parameters, avoiding a full system substitution.

Technical Specifications
  • Probe air temperature range: -50°C to 150°C
  • Probe air humidity: up to 400 g / m³ (>95% relative humidity at 89°C)
  • Probe air flow rate: 17 to 40 lt/min
  • Various sensors can be fitted: HC, CO2, H2, O2, etc.
  • Smoke aspiration sensor
  • Temperature Sensor PT100 Class A: -50°C to 150°C
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 1,090/655/365 mm


Based on many years of experience with test equipment, we have developed an optimized gas analysis solution for testbeds.

Easy Sensor Adjustment and Verification

We offer a system that makes it easy to check and calibrate the gas sensors, which can be done in a very short time.

Response Times

Due to the measuring principle, the response time for gas detection is less than ten seconds for climatic chambers up to 30 m³.

Full Integration With AVL Test Systems

The gas sampling unit is part of the AVL testbed and communicates easily and quickly with the system.

Individual Sensors Available

Fuel cell applications typically require different sensors. The Gas Sampling Unit can also be equipped with the following sensors: CO2, CO, O2, H2, HC

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Ready Equipment

Our gas sampling unit is designed and engineered to meet UL specifications for the North American market.

Hazard Level 7 (Explosion) Can Be Avoided

Due to the fast response time and the fully integrated test system, the occurrence of a level 7 event (explosion) can be avoided. This prevents serious damage to the entire testbed.

Easy Integration of an Inertization Add-on for Small Test Chambers

The AVL Gas Sampling Unit can be optionally equipped with an inerting module to provide an inert atmosphere in small test chambers up to 2,000 liters.

peter kerschenbauer

The AVL Gas Sampling Unit is the heart of the testbed safety system. It is a very robust and user-friendly detection system that protects the entire test system and also the entire building from serious damage. It shows AVL's outstanding experience in all parts of the vehicle test system in an impressive way."

– Peter Kerschenbauer, Global Product Manager, AVL List GmbH

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AVL Climatic Chamber – Solution Sheet

Application-driven solution for best-in-class thermal development on latest safety standards.

AVL Gas Sampling Unit – Solution Sheet

Application-driven solution for best-in-class thermal development.

rendering climatic chambe
AVL Climatic Chamber

Battery packs, modules and cells, fuel cells, e-motor and e-axle solutions must operate safely and reliably in any environment. This can include extreme temperatures and humidity, which cannot be reproduced on the test track or in real test scenarios on the road. This is why we developed the modular AVL Climate Chamber.

media conditioning
Conditioning Systems

Thermal conditions and environment of Units Under Test have strong impacts on real results in driving. For this reason, the thermal simulation must be as exact as possible – which can be achieved via deployment of high performing media conditioning systems.

AVL ThermalLab™

AVL ThermalLab™ tests the entire VTMS, including all coolant circuits and the refrigerant cycle, under dynamic conditions using model-based testing. The UUT is the complete VTMS embedded in an emulated vehicle while the environment is fully simulated. The entire system can be tested in the lab under realistic driving and ambient conditions.

Test Systems for battery cells
AVL Battery Cell TS™

For battery cell testing, we offer complete test systems, stand-alone equipment, or even entire turnkey test labs.

rendering acora
AVL Battery Cell TS™ ACORA

ACORA – Active Cooling Rack – provides a more efficient way of temperature conditioning cells in a test environment compared to conventional climate/temperature chambers. With ACORA, cells are placed in water-cooled cold plates to achieve the required temperature conditions faster and more accurately.

AVL Battery Module/Pack TS™

We offer complete test systems for the testing of modules/packs. Learn more about which hard- and software products are included in our test systems. 

GL_ITS_Image_PUMA 2 Battery GUI_02.22
AVL PUMA 2™ Battery

AVL´s intuitive automation system for battery testing, from cell to module and pack.


Bi-directional multi-channel DC power supply to test and validate battery cells.

AVL Customer Services
Customer Services

Your success is our goal. This is what we are aiming for and this is how we understand AVL Customer Services since decades. Our goal is not new, but the way how we do it, is constantly evolving.

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