E-Motor Tool

News from AVL’s Virtual Driveline Development

The e-motor is an integral part of EV and HEV drivelines. When virtually developing a driveline, tasks range from the overall vehicle concept and layout analysis at system level to driveline dynamics and NVH at subsystem level all the way to the e-motor 3D thermal analysis at component level. Engineers who perform such simulations may not always be electromagnetic simulation experts. Nevertheless, they need to consider the e-motor’s interaction with the rest of the driveline.

This is precisely why AVL have developed the E-Motor Tool (EMT). If you want to create a powertrain system layout based on just a few known general performance requirements, but the e-motor not yet available, our EMT’s ‘Concept Designer’ can make a reasonable proposal for an e-motor design that meets all of your requirements – all in one click. If the geometry is already available, but the exact results of the electromagnetic simulation – such as power losses, torque and force fluctuation – are missing, the 'Geometry Assistant' can generate an electromagnetic simulation model for you. The ‘Model Assistant’ will automatically perform the simulation to generate the required data. Discover how easy e-motor development with electromagnetic simulation can be.