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AVL Smart Charging – Infrastructure

Supporting the development of intelligent charging solutions

Key among our R&D activities in this field are our charging infrastructure solutions. Designed to support OEMs in the development of products that keep human interaction to a minimum, they feature a high level of autonomy. Two-way communication between the vehicle and the charger optimizes charging to reduce recharge time, detect hardware faults and prevent damage to the battery system.

Compliance with industry Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) standards ensures safety and performance, while our tools cover everything from software to hardware engineering. We even have our own proof-of-concept charging solution, the AVL Rapid Charge prototype, so OEMs can see our solutions in action.

Hardware Development

We have developed a wide range of solutions to aid the development of smart charging infrastructure devices. These include system engineering and testing tools, and electronic and mechanical development products. These enable OEMs to develop their own battery charging solutions that are of the highest quality in terms of performance and reliability. It also ensures that their products are compliant with industry standards.

Software Support

Behind all charging infrastructure hardware projects lie our intelligent software solutions. Helping you optimize your device performance and extend the life of the battery system, these help you make the most of your offering.

The Added Value

To ensure the best possible outcome, we offer testing and validation solutions that support the development of robust and reliable charging infrastructure products. Based on our extensive history in automotive development and decades of research into electric vehicle systems, we work on a right-first-time approach that frontloads development.

This comprehensive offering allows us to guide OEMs through their product development cycle, from concept to SOP. This is why we are the industry’s preferred partner for all aspects of automotive development.

A Proven History

At AVL we have spent many years creating products and solutions to support OEMs in the development of the electrified powertrain. With the combined experience and know-how of our global network of experts we have already helped leading OEMs around the world develop market-leading electrification solutions. This include battery and charging systems and associated infrastructure.

As the automotive industry’s preferred partner, we are leading the way to a bright future for e-mobility technologies right across the world. Together we are transforming the automotive landscape.