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Increase Calibration Quality

Commercial Vehicle Engine/EAS/OBD Calibration

As global legislation aims to reduce pollution and improve air quality, commercial vehicle makers must work hard to meet increasingly stringent CO2 limits and reduce traffic noise emissions. To tackle the rising complexity of engine and aftertreatment systems, AVL uses traditional and new calibration environments – either stand-alone or combined – to ensure a high dataset quality and to save both time and cost.

Ahead of the Curve
We offer full engine, exhaust aftertreatment and On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) calibration solutions for all major markets, focusing on their specific requirements.

With our unique toolchain you can investigate component tolerances and predict emission and OBD robustness at an early stage in the development. Our DOE-based calibration approach ensures an ideal trade-off between opposing performance criteria within the given boundary conditions.

Another fundamental component of our calibration approach is applied in our PEMS/ISC development. Performed either in the real-world or in a model-based environment it achieves results even quicker.

Further Benefits

  • Manage the complexity of datasets with AVL CRETA™
  • Benefit from our excellence in error handling
  • Fully trace your project thanks to consistent documentation of the quality gates
  • Profit from our long-term expertise for all project phases from concept investigations to complete production programs
  • Use tailored fleet monitoring solutions to reduce failure rates and warranty costs