AVL EXCITE™ for eAxle

News from AVL’s Virtual Driveline Development

In pure electric vehicles, the combustion engine is not present to mask the sound and vibration of the e-motor and the transmission. These systems can generate high-frequency noise which can be uncomfortable for users, so there needs to be even more focus on NVH behavior. Electrified powertrains are highly complex, often lightweight and flexible in construction, yet operate at extremely high torque loads. Conventional approaches with statically pre-calculated component deflections and gear transmission errors are not enough to properly investigate overall eAxle dynamic behavior.

So, we have created AVL EXCITE™ for eAxle. This latest version of our world-class modelling solution features two new modules – the ‘e-motor tool’ and the ‘e-axle tool’. These enable quick and easy high fidelity modelling of interactions between electrical and mechanical systems in greater detail than ever. With this approach, sensitivity studies can be conducted to evaluate production and assembly tolerances, focusing on design where it really matters. Investment in finding the optimum here will pay off in testing and production phases, and will reduce costs.

EXCITE for eAxle enables the system to be optimized for efficiency and durability – vital for preserving driving range and product lifetime. Crucially, these activities can be carried out at the design stage, rather than in testing or even during the in-use phase, when issues arise with real hardware.

Until now several tools were needed to obtain a detailed view of electrified powertrain systems. EXCITE for eAxle brings everything you need into a single package and pairs it with a user interface that is intuitive for ease-of-use. Furthermore, its open architecture allows seamless integration into your existing toolchain, and data sharing with both AVL and third-party solutions.